eBay Project

Background – Given the task of finding a potential improvement in an organisation’s user flow.

Problem – eBay users may find it difficult to order the correct watch band size without direction.

Goals – redesign a specific user-flow that is a clickable prototype and user tested.

Research – Goals & methodologies

Desktop research, expert reviews gave me data to support my initial hunch

User interviews -

Main pain points that were discovered during the tests and addressed in the iteration:


“Ebay users get confused on the site due to information overload”.

“Customers may not know how big their watch is for sizing requirements, and where to find that information”.

“Users find less useful information prevalent and have trouble finding help and Ebay policies.”


Explore ways of decluttering the pages to be more user friendly.

How might we assist the eBay user in identifying their watch size.

Explore ways of moving more relevant and vital information to the top of the page and be easily identified.

User persona -

Ideation –

Testing Mid-fi –

Conclusion - 

I was able to improve the user flow for a buyer looking to order the correct parts for an Apple watch. This was done through developing a hunch, defining the problem, user testing and information synthesis.