Airborne Airways – Designed a mobile app focusing on user interface.

Intro –

I was asked by Airborne Airways to provide users a comprehensive description of the in-flight experience

Mood Board -

User Journey Map -

UI stack -

Component library

Developing my component library ensured consistency across my design.

Clickable prototype – 

Testing and synthesis Provide link – My link was provided to 5 users who provided valuable feedback.

Overall layout and feel:

  • Nice choice of blue and purple to link to the photo colour tones. Reminds user of being up in the clouds or swimming in the ocean.
  • Beautiful images showing families genuinely enjoying themselves at each of the destinations. Appropriate to the kids fly free promotion.
  • Not too text heavy which allows tester to enjoy the white space and images. Easy to read existing text.
  • The text within the top picture could be changed from black to white to better blend with the lovely picture behind. (completed)
  • Like the simple logo representing us being free to fly like the bird.
  • Icons used (i.e. - login) are self-explanatory. No wasted text when we all know the login icon and it’s purpose.


  • Suggested I add a home page link rather than having to use the hamburger menu to return to the home page. (completed)
  • Liked the simplicity of navigation. Didn’t feel they had to scroll down too far to get all the vital information needed.
  • Each section I’d expect to utilise (search flights, deals, benefits) are well set out and all within initial eyeshot.

Navigation around the website: 

  • Generally simple and easy. The hamburger menu gives all the required information and is clearly labelled.
  • The dots used to show how many deals left to scroll through (horizontally) is a good touch.
  • The banner remaining at the top on all pages makes it easy to know where I’m at.

Changes made as a result of testing.

  • Problem – Could be more ease of navigation back to the home page.
  • Fix – Add home button on the bottom of each page rather than relying on the hamburger menu for navigation.
  • Problem – Aesthetically, the grey bottom banner was a little plain.